Martin Parent, PhD

Professor, Université Laval

Principal Investigator, Cervo Brain Research Centre

My research team investigates the anatomical and functional organization of the basal ganglia, a set of subcortical structures involved in motor behavior, in rodents, human and non-human primates. Our research projects aim at characterizing alterations of neuronal circuits that occur in Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s chorea using animal models of neurodegenerative diseases and post-mortem human brain. We take advantage of a vast array of methodological approaches that include in vivo electrophysiological recordings followed by tracer injections and three-dimensional reconstructions of neurons, examination of synaptic contacts by electron microscopy, localization of neurotransmitters and analysis of post-mortem human brain tissue using optical and confocal microscopy.

Recently Published Research

Intraoperative fiber optic guidance during chronic electrode implantation in deep brain stimulation neurosurgery: proof of concept in primates.

Ultrastructural evidence of microglial heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s disease amyloid pathology.

High Sensitivity Mapping of Cortical Dopamine D2 Receptor Expressing Neurons.

Microglial Implication in Parkinson’s Disease: Loss of Beneficial Physiological Roles or Gain of Inflammatory Functions?

Intact primate brain tissue identification using a completely fibered coherent Raman spectroscopy system.

Funding Partners